Lasers for Hair Removal

Sep 15, 2022

Lasers for Hair Removal

At Medrein Health laser hair removal is the one of the most commonly desired services for women after Botox. Learn more about the different lasers that are used for laser hair removal and how to prepare for your treatment.

What is laser hair removal?

Laser is a device that generates intense beams of coherent monochromatic light. This light is absorbed by the Melanin pigment present in the hair, which is then converted to heat and damages the hair follicles.

Would you like to Drop the Razor, and get a laser?

At Medrein Health laser hair removal is the one of the most commonly desired services for women after Botox. Now it’s currently gaining popularity amongst men, yes laser hair reduction for men. Lasers have been proven to be safe and effective with 95-100% in hair reduction. This is achieved with multiple subsequent sessions done at 6 wk apart.

There are plenty of Med Spas offering different laser hair removal modalities. It’s quite confusing to pick the right laser device that’s good for you and your family, hence it’s important to find the best Medspa

At Medrein Health we focus on the most safe and innovative laser hair removal devices. Fotona’s SP Dynamis, is a high performance Nd:YAG laser with FRAC3 technology that targets hair follicles with a selective and homogenous photothermolysis.

Why choose Medrein Health for laser hair removal? These are few of the reasons:

  1. Safe and effective for all skin tones
  2. Larger spot size, so bigger areas can be treated quickly
  3. Minimal discomfort. Additionally, a cooling system can be used to make treatment more comfortable.
  4. No downtime

The common lasers used for hair removal are:

 Ruby Lasers

This is a shorter wavelength of 694 nm. This is ideal for light and thin hair, and smaller treatment areas. This is not recommended for darker skin tones.


This stands for intense pulse light, so technically it’s not a true laser!! These aren’t very effective to treat hair removal and are commonly associated with burns/ hyperpigmentation especially in darker skin tones. IPL’s may require a lot more treatment sessions than a laser would need. Advantage is these could be priced lower than lasers.

Alexandrite Laser

This is a shorter wavelength at 755nm, which is good for Lighter skin tones. This is a fastest laser so can cover larger areas quicker, the flip side is this is the least comfortable for laser hair removal.

Diode Lasers

The wavelength here is 800-810 and penetrates deep into the hair follicle. These are relatively new lasers. These are better for dark/ thick hair. hence popular to treat men’s hair in the chest/ back. These are safe for most skin types.

 NdYAG Lasers

These are the most advanced lasers with the latest technology. The wavelength here is 1064nm. These are very safe and effective on all skin types, especially on colored skin tones. This treatment has no downtime.

These lasers are also used in various other treatments such as skin resurfacing, skin rejuvenation, tattoo removal, nail fungus treatments and many more.

Preparation for Hair removal treatment:

If you are looking to get rid of your unwanted hair then you simply start first by choosing a good medspa by scheduling a consultation with a doctor who is board certified and experienced in treating your skin type. Be cautious about spas, salons or other nonmedical facilities that allow nonmedical personnel to use lasers. During your consultation your doctor will go over:

-Medical history/ Surgical History/ Allergies/ Current Medication use.

-Discuss risk/ benefits/ other options if lasers aren’t for you.

-Go over costs/ number of sessions needed.

-Go over procedure/ pre and post instructions.

-Get consent forms/ picturess as needed.

Instructions to prepare for Laser hair removal:

-Shaving is recommended 24 hrs prior to your treatment.

-Avoid other hair removal methods, such as plucking/ waxing/ electrolysis at least for 6 weeks prior to laser treatment.

-Avoid sun exposure/ sunbathing/ tanning beds 1 wk prior and 2 wks post laser treatments.

-Use good sunscreens to the treatment areas

-Avoid using Retinol products 5 days prior and 5 days post laser treatments

-Avoid taking Accutane for 6 mth prior to laser treatments.

 Side effects hair removal using laser:

-May cause laser skin burns

-Swelling/ redness/ irritation

-Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.


If you are looking for the best laser hair removal then start with a consultation with an experienced physician to discuss all your options and see what would be a great treatment for you.

I hope you found this information helpful. Please contact us or call us 214-702-5225 for any additional questions or to book a consultation with us.


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