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Benign Lesion Removal

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Understanding Benign Skin Lesions

Lesions refer to different types of conditions like moles and tumors that appear on soft tissues like the brain, mouth, and skin. Lesions caused by tumors are classified as either malignant (cancerous) or benign (noncancerous). The best way to differentiate between malignant tumors and benign growths is by consulting a healthcare provider or physician and undergoing skin biopsies.

Benign tumors come in different types depending on where they grow. Here are some of the most common types of benign tumors that might appear on the different parts of the body:

Benign Lesion Removal

Benign Lesion Removal

  • Adenomas – This tumor develops from the thin tissue layer that covers the internal organs.
  • Lipomas – The most common type of benign tumor grows from fat cells. They’re usually found on the back, arms, and neck.
  • Myomas – This type of tumor is found inside organs, smooth muscles, and walls of blood vessels.
  • Fibroids – This tumor forms in the fibrous tissue of any organ.
  • Nevi – These are noncancerous extra growth on the skin that are also known as moles.

Although they’re noncancerous, benign tumors and skin lesions should still be closely monitored because they might eventually turn malignant. Depending on the location of the benign tumor, patients may also experience other symptoms like:

  • Chills
  • Pain
  • Weight Loss
  • Night Sweats
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of Appetite

Benign Lesion Removal

Benign Lesion Removal

Top Treatments Benign Moles and Tumor in Southlake, TX by Medrein Health & Aesthetics

Patients from Southlake, TX and other nearby areas won’t have to worry about benign tumors and other skin conditions thanks to Medrein Health & Aesthetics. Our team of highly trained staff and board-certified physicians perform effective benign lesion treatments inside state-of-the-art facilities to ensure patient satisfaction, comfort, and safety at all times.

Find out which treatment options for benign moles and lesions work best for you by consulting with our board-certified physician here at Medrein Health & Aesthetics today. Book a complimentary consultation now by calling our office or visiting us online.

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3 Common Treatments for Benign Tumors, Moles, and Other Skin Lesions

Benign lesions are hard to erase with simple skin treatments. Physicians have to determine what caused it first before deciding on the best treatments or surgical techniques. Depending on the type of benign lesion you have and its cause, the doctor may prescribe one or a combination of the following treatments:

Laser Skin Treatments – Since benign pigmented lesions are common for individuals with prolonged sun exposure, many of them rely on laser skin treatments to improve the appearance of their skin. Laser therapy helps lighten the discolored lesions and stimulate the body’s collagen production for long-lasting results.

Benign Lesion Removal

Benign Lesion Removal

  • Radiation Therapy – Although radiation therapy is mostly used for cancerous growths, benign lesions may also benefit from this type of treatment. This method involves killing off the fast-growing cells before the benign growth becomes a bigger problem.
  • Surgical Excision – Surgical procedures for tumor removals involve extraction of the entire mass. But patients who only require mole removal may qualify for a shave excision instead. During this treatment method, the doctor uses a razor-like tool to slice off the mole. It’s often followed by feathering, a method that minimizes the appearance of the excision by blending its edges to the color of the surrounding skin.

Fotona at Medrein: Safe and Scar-Free

Medrein Health & Aesthetics is home to state-of-the-art laser systems from Fotona. The StarWalker and The SP Dynamis are next-gen pico and Nd:YAG lasers that allow a wide-range of skin resurfacing treatments, combating everything from sun spots and age-related skin damage to tattoos and stubborn acne marks. Experience effective and non-invasive benign lesion removal with Fotona lasers. 

Benign Lesion Removal

Your Questions About Benign Lesions, Answered

Q: Is it safe to treat benign lesions at home?

A: Removing moles and other benign lesions at home aren’t recommended because they might lead to serious complications later on. These extra growths also have to be closely monitored because they might develop into malignant growths that require immediate treatment.

Q: Can moles reoccur after dermatologic treatments?

A: Moles might regrow if there are remaining benign mole cells left in the body. Consult with a dermatologist now to find the best way to get rid of moles and other benign lesions while also minimizing the chances of regrowth.

Q: When should you undergo surgical excision of the benign lesion?

A: Benign lesions are often treated because they’re too big or bothersome. Although there are many non-surgical options, a surgical excision might be the treatment method for some patients. Find out whether you’re a candidate for a shave or surgical excision of benign lesions by consulting with our experts here at Medrein Health & Aesthetics.

Medrein Health & Aesthetics: The Trusted Center for Effective Benign Lesion Treatments

Although most benign lesion removal treatments are safe, it’s still crucial to find a dermatologist or plastic surgeon to perform the procedure with care and caution. This ensures that you’re getting the best results while minimizing the chances of developing serious complications.

Benign Lesion Removal

Benign Lesion Removal

Here at Medrein Health & Aesthetics, our dermatology experts are dedicated to making our patients feel more comfortable in their own skin and appearance using the most effective treatment options. We always ensure that all of our patients are well-informed about their treatment plans to help them create better health and aesthetic decisions for their bodies.

Start your journey to a healthier and more beautiful you with the Medrein Health & Aesthetics experience. Our friendly and professional staff are only one call away to answer questions or fulfill patient requests before, during, and after the treatment.

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Benign Lesion Removal

Benign Lesion Removal

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