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At Medrein Health & Aesthetics, our team is committed to providing the most wanted and effective treatments in the med spa industry. Look below to see all the services we offer our clients, and exactly how we can help you with your beauty needs:

Acne Scar Reduction

Laser treatment of Acne Scars is based on the precise and gentle skin resurfacing procedure where the Er:YAG laser is absorbed by the top micro-layers of the skin to vaporize scarred skin and stimulate the production of new collage

    Acne Scar Reduction near Colleyville, TX

    Dermal Fillers

    Troubled by lost facial volume, thinning lips, and prominent wrinkles and fine lines? Achieve more enhanced facial features and better contour when you get dermal fillers at Medrein Health & Aesthetics.

    Dermal Fillers near Colleyville, TX

    Double Chin Removal

    Whenever our body develops an extra layer of fat beneath the chin, it gives us the appearance of a “second” chin. Unfortunately, this extra layer isn’t something that just goes away overnight. Regular exercise and a healthy diet might help reduce the appearance of submental fat, but it usually takes months before people notice the difference.

      Double Chin Removal near Colleyville, TX

      Endovascular Treatments

      According to the Society for Vascular Medicine, over 30 million Americans suffer from venous disease. This has left many in and around the greater Southlake, TX area seeking for ‘Endovascular Treatments Near Me’.

        Endovascular Treatments near Colleyville, TX


        Don’t let skin laxity, sun spots, acne scars, pores, and wrinkles wear down your beauty and confidence. Take the first step to a renewed youthful appearance and healthy skin condition with a facial treatment.

        Facials near Colleyville, TX


        Put your skin worries behind and flaunt a more vibrant-looking skin with a microneedling treatment at Medrein Health & Aesthetics. Microneedling is a skin rejuvenation treatment that uses fine needles to create tiny punctures that will trigger the body to repair the scar tissue by activating collagen production and skin cell regeneration.

        Microneedling near Colleyville, TX

        Non-Surgical Laser Hyperhidrosis Treatment

        In the past, hyperhidrosis that was unresponsive to medication and antiperspirants required surgery. Today, laser treatments can be used to treat soft tissue, including that of the sweat glands in order to provide safe and effective long-term relief. With just one simple treatment and no downtime, patients suffering from hyperhidrosis can get the help they need without having to undergo surgery.

          Non-Surgical Laser Hyperhidrosis Treatment near Colleyville, TX

          Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty (PDO)

          Your nose is the focal point of your face, which is why it plays a huge role in facial symmetry and overall beauty. Some might be unsatisfied with how their nose looks, and undergoing rhinoplasties is one of the popular solutions for those who want to alter their nasal features. However, it’s not for everyone: the cost and downtime of surgery are enough to deter many from getting treatment.

            Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty (PDO) near Colleyville, TX

            PCDC (Kybella)/Mesotherapy

            Kybella Mesotherapy is a minimally invasive treatment utilizing ultra-fine needles to inject a solution of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and/or hyaluronic acid into the skin.

              PCDC (Kybella)/Mesotherapy near Colleyville, TX

              PDO Thread Lift

              Turn the clock back on your aged and sagging skin with a nonsurgical facelift using PDO thread lifts at Medrein Health & Aesthetics. This breakthrough cosmetic procedure uses a synthetic absorbable surgical suture to raise and tighten sagging structures of your facial skin.

                PDO Thread Lift near Colleyville, TX

                PRP & PRF Restoration

                Having blemish-free and glowing skin is a huge confidence booster and you can achieve it with the help of a PRF/PRP microneedling treatment at Medrein Health & Aesthetics.

                  PRP & PRF Restoration near Colleyville, TX


                  Bring back your youthful glow and erase all signs of aging like deep facial wrinkles, dullness, and other imperfections using Sculptra injections. These collagen boosters restore your radiance from deep within, giving you a natural, long-lasting look.

                    Sculptra near Colleyville, TX

                    Skin Tightening Removal

                    If you tried losing a lot of weight before, you know that excess skin is a common concern for most people. It’s a problem that affects your face, neck, thighs, and other parts of the body. Although it’s associated with weight loss, it’s actually a problem of collagen and elastin insufficiency in the body -- 2 important proteins that keep the skin smooth, firm, and healthy.

                      Skin Tightening Removal near Colleyville, TX

                      Stretch Mark Removal

                      Stretch marks (or “striae”) are one of the most common problems for many people who are conscious about their appearance. They’re bands of parallel and colored lines that ruin the flawless skin, which is why many patients turn to home remedies, skin care products, and even cosmetic procedures to eliminate stretch marks.

                        Stretch Mark Removal near Colleyville, TX

                        Tattoo Removal

                        People get tattoos for different reasons, but they’re mostly used as a form of self-expression. Regardless of their reasons for getting inked, some people eventually want to remove their permanent tattoos through different tattoo removal treatments.

                          Tattoo Removal near Colleyville, TX