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Melasma Treatment in Southlake, TX

Achieve a clearer, younger-looking skin with Melasma treatments by Medrein Health & Aesthetics


Understanding Melasma

Melasma is a skin condition that affects millions of Americans. It’s more common for pregnant women, those who are taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT), and people with darker skin tones. Although this common skin disorder is harmless, many people still seek dermatologic treatments to remove the blue or brown patches and restore their healthy, blemish-free skin.

Melasma is a common form of hyperpigmentation that appears as flat patches of bluish-gray or brown spots on the skin. These patches are usually found on the face, cheeks, upper lips, forehead, and forearms.

This skin condition occurs when the melanocytes in the deeper layers of the skin have excessive production of melanin that causes skin discoloration. Some of the most common causes and risk factors of melasma include thyroid disease, hormonal imbalance, stress, sun damage, and pregnancy.

The dermatologic treatment used for each patient depends on the type of melasma they have. Consult with a dermatologist first to find out which of the following kinds of melasma affects you:

  • Epidermal – This type of melasma causes dark brown spots with noticeable borders to appear on the skin. It usually responds well to different melasma treatments.
  • Dermal – Dermal melasma has a blurry border and bluish-gray to brown-colored spots on the skin. The patches don’t usually respond to treatments.
  • Mixed – This is the most common type of melasma that many patients experience. They may notice both bluish and brown patches that only respond to a few melasma treatments.

Top Melasma Treatments in Southlake, TX by Medrein Health & Aesthetics

Patients from Southlake, TX and other nearby areas won’t have to worry about melasma and other skin conditions thanks to Medrein Health & Aesthetics’ wide range of treatment options. Our team of highly trained staff and board-certified dermatologists perform effective melasma treatments using the latest advancements in skin rejuvenation and inside state-of-the-art facilities to ensure patient satisfaction, comfort, and safety at all times.

Find out which gentle treatment option for melasma works best for your skin type by going through a skin biopsy and consulting with our board-certified dermatologist here at Medrein Health & Aesthetics today. Book a complimentary consultation now by calling our office or visiting us online.

Achieve a clearer, younger-looking skin with Melasma treatments by Medrein Health & Aesthetics


4 Common Treatments for Melasma That Don’t Require Surgery

Melasma is hard to cure because dermatologists have to determine what causes the skin condition first before deciding on the best-customized treatments. Depending on the type of melasma you have and its cause, the doctor may prescribe one or a combination of the following melasma treatments:

Topical Medications – Prescription bleaching creams that contain hydroquinone, tretinoin, and corticosteroids help lighten the dark spots caused by melasma. The dermatologist may also recommend using kojic acid, tranexamic acid, or azelaic acid to help treat the skin imperfections.

  • Chemical Peels – Chemical peels are popular because they help treat multiple skin concerns like melasma, wrinkles, age spots, sun damage, acne scars, and more. This treatment involves exfoliating the superficial layers of the skin with glycolic acid or other peeling solutions to remove dead skin cells and other impurities that affect the skin tone and texture.
  • Microdermabrasion – This treatment also involves exfoliating the skin to remove dead skin cells at the top layer of the skin and lighten the dark spots on the skin. Microdermabrasion also boosts the body’s collagen production, leading to smoother and more even skin.
  • Laser Therapy – Laser treatments are often used for treating several cosmetic problems, including melasma and other types of hyperpigmentation. Procedures like PicoSure or Q-Switched Lasers (for laser tattoo removal) help break up the melanin on the skin. Any advanced treatment like Fractional Lasers (for laser skin resurfacing) also evens the skin tone and lightens the excess pigment by inducing the production of collagen.

FAQs About Melasma

Q: Can melasma go away without skin treatment?

A: Melasma is a chronic skin condition that may go away on its own after the patient’s pregnancy or once they stop taking birth control pills that cause the appearance of dark spots. But if the melasma stays on the skin for a long time, then patients may consult a dermatologist about the treatment options available for them.

Q: How many treatment sessions do I need before my melasma is gone?

A: Consulting with a board-certified dermatologist first is the best way to find out how many treatment sessions you need for erasing the brown pigment caused by melasma. Topical creams and medications require regular use for a few months before taking effect, while other melasma treatments like laser therapy, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion require multiple treatment sessions to show visible results.

Q: Is melasma gone for good after getting dermatologic treatments?

A: Since melasma is a chronic condition, there’s a chance that it may return if the patient stops taking medications or other treatments. The best way to ensure that it won’t come back for a long time is to consult a dermatologist about the cause of melasma and the most effective customized non-surgical treatments for you.

Medrein Health & Aesthetics: The Trusted Center for Effective Melasma Treatments

Although most melasma treatment options are safe, it’s still crucial to find a dermatology specialist to perform the procedure. This ensures that you’re getting the best results while minimizing the chances of developing different skin conditions and complications.

Here at Medrein Health & Aesthetics, our dermatology experts are dedicated to making our patients feel more comfortable in their own skin and appearance without the need for surgical procedures. We always ensure that all of our patients are well-informed to create better health and aesthetic decisions for their bodies. Our friendly and professional staff are only one call away to answer questions or fulfill patient requests before, during, and after the treatment.

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