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PRP & PRF Microneedling Near Me in Southlake, TX

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PRF Microneedling, Go Beyond PRP!

PRF Micro Needling is highly effective and versatile aesthetic treatment capable of improving skin texture, tone, hydration, and health while reducing scaring, wrinkles and more.

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What's the Difference between PRP & PRF Microneedling?

PRF and PRP are similar in many ways. The biggest difference why PRF is much more effective than PRP because it has higher concentration of platelets, along with white blood cells and stem cells. PRF releases growth factors for longer duration than PRP which makes the results more effective. No anticoagulant is used in the process of isolating PRF.

How is PRF obtained:

1. First, we do a simple blood draw into tubes.

2. The tubes are then centrifuged for 5 minutes.

3. The tubes are taken out of the centrifuge and the top portions of the centrifuged tubes are drawn up to obtain the PRF for clinical treatment.

These treatments help to achieve wound healing, skin rejuvenation, collagen production and hair growth.

PRF is extremely safe. Since PRF is your own natural fibrin, there is very little risk of any adverse event. Minor bruising, soreness and swelling is expected.

Turn back the clock on aging with minimally invasive anti-aging therapy that leverages the body’s own natural healing and rejuvenation processes.

PRF Micro Needling is a highly effective and versatile aesthetic treatment capable of improving skin texture, tone, hydration, and health while reducing scaring, wrinkles and more.

Those Looking for PRP Mirconeedling Treatments In Southlake Should Consider PRF

What is Microneedling with PRF?

Representing the next big breakthrough in micro-needling therapy, PRF produces long-lasting results, releasing natural growth factors over time.

Known as “Platelet Rich Fibrin” PRF has been successfully used to create a more youthful, vibrant look while reducing the signs and symptoms of skin aging.

PRF takes this one step further, utilizing an innovative fibrin clot technology harvested from your own body’s growth factors to jumpstart the rejuvenation process and provide more pronounced, longer-lasting results.

Why PRF is Such a Beneficial Aesthetic Treatment

As the skin ages, it loses some of its restorative powers.

For example, aged skin cells have:

  • Less natural turnover/regeneration, resulting in a dull, rough appearance
  • Up to 30% less moisture, leaving your skin dry, dehydrated and tired looking
  • A lower amount of elastin and collagen resulting in sagging and wrinkles
  • Weaker cell membranes, resulting in loss of structure and nutrients

PRF combats all of these signs of aging by jump-starting your body’s own natural healing and restorative mechanisms.

Benefits of PRF Micro Needling for Southlake Residents


  • Naturally Rejuvenates & repairs skin
  • Clinically proven results
  • FDA cleared and scientifically backed
  • Enhances skin texture and tone
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Promotes the production of collagen and elastin
  • Stimulates cellular renewal
  • Results in a healthier, radiant, youthful appearance
  • Resurfaces the skin without the use of lasers or harsh chemicals
  • Safe for use on all skin types

What is the Procedure Like?

Once the treatment area is cleaned, a numbing ointment will be applied to the area to improve overall comfort. Blood is drawn and placed in a centrifuge where it is spun and processed to separate the red blood cells from fibrin.

Microneedling pen will then be used to gently prick the skin before the fibrin solution (rich in platelets) and PRF is applied to stimulate healing. The procedure is minimally invasive, largely pain-free, and requires no downtime. Patients may return to their daily routine immediately following treatment.

How Many Treatments Are Typically Recommended?

The specific number of treatments needed to reach and maintain a particular desired effect will be dependent on several individualized factors, including but not limited to your age, skin condition and desired results.

However, typically a series of 3 treatments over the course of 3-6 weeks results in superior results.

Let Science Work For You!

Win the battle against aging and turn back the clock to restore your youthful glow. Our local medical spa is dedicated to providing patients with the latest in minimally invasive aesthetic treatment options that help them look as good as they feel.

Call or message today to set up and appointment and to find out what others are raving about. We’d love to find out more about how we can help.


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