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Dermal Fillers

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Dermal Fillers services offered in Southlake, TX serving the surrounding DFW area

Loss of skin volume may bother you, but the good news is you don’t have to live with this or other unwelcome signs of aging. At Medrein Health & Aesthetics in Southlake, Texas, aesthetic physician Haritha Mikkilineni (Dr. Mikki), MD offers:

  • Restylane®- Silk, Defyne, Refyne, Lyft, Contour, Kysse
  • Juvederm Fillers
  • RHA® Collection- RHA2, RHA3 and RHA4
  • VERSA™/ Revanesse fillers

Dermal fillers are to enhance facial contours and maximize symmetry. Call the office to learn more or schedule an appointment online today.

Dermal Fillers Q & A

What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers add volume to targeted areas of your face or body containing lax skin, lost volume, or thin lips. Medrein Health and Aesthetics offers an array of dermal fillers and other injectables that restore a youthful look without invasive procedures or downtime.

What are the benefits of dermal fillers?

The benefits you can reap when choosing dermal fillers at Medrein Health & Aesthetics include:

  • Improved facial contours
  • Reduced lines and wrinkles
  • Better symmetry
  • Plumper lips
  • Tighter, smoother skin
  • Younger-looking appearance
  • Smoothed creases
  • Improved skin texture
  • Better elasticity
  • Improved cheekbone symmetry
  • No downtime, pain, or surgery

Fillers at Medrein Health & Aesthetics add a natural, youthful appearance to aging skin without making you look overdone. They can eliminate frown lines, facial folds, nasolabial folds, smile lines, and chin creases.

Are dermal fillers the right treatment for me?

To find out if you’re a candidate for dermal fillers at Medrein Health & Aesthetics, Dr. Mikki discusses your medical history, evaluates your skin in areas that bother you, and tailors a personalized dermal filler treatment that matches your goals. You might receive Botox® or other botulinum toxin injections in addition to dermal fillers to create a flawless look. 

What should I expect when receiving dermal fillers?

During dermal filler injections, you rest comfortably in a reclining chair. Dr. Mikki numbs the treatment area whenever needed to enhance comfort and uses a thin needle to inject hyaluronic acid or other filler substances beneath the skin in your face, lips, hands, or other areas of the body that lack volume.

What happens after my treatment?

After you receive dermal fillers at Medrein Health & Aesthetics, you can expect some temporary side effects that may include tenderness, redness, bruising, and swelling. You can ice the treatment area to reduce swelling. If you experience side effects, they subside soon after treatment. 

There’s no downtime after undergoing dermal filler injections, so you can resume normal activities immediately or go back to work.

The results of dermal fillers take effect right after your treatment. Expect to see continued improvements in your skin’s appearance as the swelling goes away. Fillers often last about 6-24 months, or sometimes longer, depending on the type of filler you receive. Repeat treatments help you achieve long-term results.

To learn more about dermal fillers at Medrein Health & Aesthetics, call the office or use the online booking feature today.