About Dr. Mikki


"DR. Mikki" | Haritha Mikkilineni M.D.

Here at Medrein Health, our Dr. Mikki and her staff are dedicated to providing the safest and most advanced aesthetic treatments for each client that walks into our medspa. We understand the importance of considering our client’s goals and needs when it comes to providing the best treatment plans that will make them more comfortable in their own skin, which is why all of our services start with an expert consultation.

As the founder of Medrein Health and Aesthetics, Dr. Haritha Mikkilineni ("Dr. Mikki") has helped countless clients achieve their dream beauty and aesthetic goals. Dr. Mikki is a board certified physician with twelve years of emergency room physician experience, giving her the true hospital experience that has equipped her to provide only the best care for every client of Medrein Health and Aesthetics.

Dr. Mikki has always been passionate about aesthetics and beauty, which is why Medrein Health and Aesthetics stands today as Dr. Mikki's lifelong dream project come true. Ready to serve any client with all their beauty and aesthetics needs at any time, Dr. Mikki aims to make Medrein Health and Aesthetics the premier destination for aesthetic and beauty services in the area.

Dr. Mikki is married, with two adorable kids and of course, a fur baby to complete their home.
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